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Hotel Nástup

Hotel Nástup

431 91
Rated: 4 Star
Room Rates: From 1190 CZK to 5490 CZK
Tel: +420 474 396 120

The Hotel Nástup in Loučná pod Klínovcem, situated directly under the Klínovec complex in the Krušné Hory Mountains (the Ore Mountains). The four-star hotel, which was extensively and sensitively renovated in 2000, respects the current trends of modern hotel management. The hotel offers its guests a quality service in a pleasant setting. The hotel’s ideal location, coupled with its fine interior, makes it one of the most significant, top quality providers of accommodation, catering and other recreational services in the area. The key aim of the hotel’s management is to ensure that during your stay you can enjoy our pleasant ambience, quality cuisine and service, and to be your companion as you rest and relax whatever time of year you choose to come.

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