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HOTEL Dvořák Český Krumlov

HOTEL Dvořák Český Krumlov

Rated: 4 Star
Room Rates: From €72 to €240
Tel: +420 380 711 020

The historical town situated in the Vltava river valley was founded by the House of Vítkovci around 1274. Its historical centre has been listed in UNESCO world cultural heritage since 1992. The Krumlov Chateau with its dominating round tower counts among the most imposing monuments. Among other monuments there is the town part Latrán, first mentioned in writing in 1309. Its entrance, called Budějovická brána /the Budějovice Gate/ was built at the expenses of Petr Vok of Rožmberk. In the inner town the Town square with the town hall, the plague column and the fountain can also be found. The whole town has preserved its medieval streets network with many renaissance houses with gothic cores.

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